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  • Can I do Panels for my entry?
    No. UNLESS panels are part of the theme for said round. ONE pic per contestant, per round. To be clear, panels are ONLY acceptable under round three's "Costume Change" theme.
  • Where are the Brackets?
    The first round of the competition is a "Battle Royal" style bout, where the participants are NOT matched up against any one competitor. ALL submissions will be judged on their own merit with the lowest scoring artist subject to elimination. 128 contestants are needed for the brackets to be generated in round 2. The lowest scoring artist over that 128 count will be eliminated.
  • What does my entry fee go to?
    ALL the entry fees are compiled make up the final CASH prize at the end of the competition as well as supply trophies to the winnner(s) and any general expenses to help facilitate the competition.
  • When is my entry due?
    The due dates for each round were provided to you when you signed up for the competition. Check the documents you downloaded. Upon each dude date you have until 11:59pm PT before your entry is LATE. At which juncture you will be docked points. You will be totally ELIMINATED from the competition if your entry is not submitted within 12hrs of the due date.
  • Does my B and C side shot get scored as well?
    No. You B and C side shots are strictly for the judges to view. They will lend credibility to the tangibility of your display and show how any "tricks" may have been pulled off.
  • What do I put in the subject of the email for my entry?
    Photo Kombat 3rd Strike Rd1 or PK3 Rd1 will suffice. Don't forget to add in the name you are competiting under as well.
  • Where do I email my entry?
    The email address was included in the documents you downloaded when you paid your entry fee.
  • Can a cutout be an effect?
    Yes. Its possible for a cutout to double as an effect. ECO's, or Elemental Cutouts can be considered effects. Cutouts of fire, energy blast, magical incantations etc can all be considered effects. However, you should cover the bases with effects that are not cutouts and vice versa in conjunction with any ECO's you decide to include.
  • Do I have to include a cutout?
    Yes. ALL entries must include at least one cutout.
  • What type of file can use when submitting my entry? Can I send via Google drive for larger pics
    Try to send each of your submissions (A, B and C sides) as attachments but if the files are too large a google drive is fine. No need to resize your pics, if there is any issues with size or formats someone will reach out to you.
  • For panels, do we need a B & C side for each shot?"
    YES. You must provide B and C side shots for each panel in the round where panels are acceptable.
  • Can I use customized figures?
    Yes, using custom figures is acceptable. As long as you have at least 2 characters in your display you are within bounds.
  • What happens if I don't post a B or C side?
    You run the risk of elimination, as there is no solid proof the shot was done tangibly.
  • Do all the figures have to be articulated?
    No. The use of a static figure is acceptable as an extra or accent however, you MUST include articulated figures in your display. Not using at least ONE may result in elimination.
  • Can I make brightness/color/contrast changes after taking the shot?
    Yes. Working on the brightness/color/contrast of the shot, changing the format from jpg to png etc etc is all acceptable. Just remember there is NO PHOTOSHOP. You cannot digitally add or remove anything from your set up post shot.
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  • Can I share my entry anywhere?
    You can ONLY share your entry outside of the ACBA facebook group.
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