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Take your A.C.B.A. to the next level and pose like the pros!

– Simulate flight poses, mid-air battles, kicks, jumps, and falls, all with our flight stands!
– Build more elaborate displays!
– Supports the weight of heavy action figures!
– Accentuate your case displays!


Includes: Pack of (5) stands
– 3 inch stand
– 4 inch stand
– 6 inch stand
– 7 inch stand
– 9 inch stand

A.C.B.A. Flight Stands

  • Due to limited quantities this batch of ACBA Flight Stands are limited to ONE(1) set per customer. You will be refunded and barred from purchase for trying to purchase mutiple sets at this time. Please bare with us until the next flight stand drop and allow for others to preorder this product. 

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